Cohesion Collective, or CoCo, is a specialised EqualityDiversity and Inclusion Training and Advisory Firm. As a trusted partner to our clients on their journey to a more inclusive working environment, we provide strategic direction, guidance and implementation of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and embedding practices.

We provide strategic consultingresearch and training on all matters relating to EDI and Organisational Culture for corporates, educational institutions and other organisations. Our passion is change and transformation as it relates to the individual, the organisation and society.

At CoCo, we pride ourselves on being at the cutting-edge of EDI theory, research, ideology and current affairs. We make it our business to stay in touch with global EDI trends and constantly seek to expand our influence and networks to build a thriving EDI community allowing us to provide impactful and measurable changes and support for our clients.

Our Vision

Founded by Roy Gluckman, a qualified attorney of the High Court of South Africa, Cohesion Collective has been running large scale EDI programmes for organisations since 2012. CoCo believes in the power of authentic engagements around tough topics of diversity in order to sharpen our muscles of empathy and compassion. While the importance of communication and discussion must never be discounted, at CoCo we believe that these discussions must be coupled and supported by strategic EDI action plans, goals and objectives.


Our team

Modelling our belief in diversity as a strength, the CoCo management team is comprised of two individuals with varying educational, cultural, racial, gender and socio-economic backgrounds. CoCo works with associate facilitators, all exceptionally qualified and viciously committed to social cohesion, social justice and unity.


Roy Gluckman


Twitter:      @RoyGluckman

 LinkedIn:  Roy Gluckman


Dominic Gaobepe


Twitter:    @DominicGaobepe

LinkedIn:  Dominic Gaobepe


Working Partners

Cohesion Collective would never survive by the hands of the Dominic and Roy alone. We have partnered with an awe-inspiring group of associate small businesses who provide support services in the Talent, Leadership and Culture space for our clients, as well as the continued internal growth of our own organisation. They include:


Safiyyah boolay /

new habits

Safiyyah is passionate about Leadership Development and Organisational Culture. Safiyyah works with CoCo on all our Leadership Transformation workshops, as well as our Culture programmes.

Learn more about Safiyyah and New Habits by clicking here


Tania Habimana /

Non-Zero Africa

Tania Habimana is a Rwandan entrepreneur with a passion for digital innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa. Non-Zero Africa assists CoCo with our digital marketing and content production needs.

Learn more about Tania and Non-Zero Africa by clicking here


JUlia Makhubela /


Julia is a powerful and exceptionally skilled Employee Experience designer. Julia works with CoCo on our Inclusion Assessments and Employee Experience design work with our clients.

Learn more about Julia and 54twentyfour by clicking here


Rikky Minyuku

An activist in human rights and development; a poet, writer and public speaker, working to dismantle oppression and awaken the social justice activists in all of us. Rikky assists CoCo with all our Policy and Process Benchmarking for our Inclusion Assessments.

Learn more about Rikky by clicking here