Included Podcast: Episode 2 Whose Change is it Anyway


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In this episode Egbe (Bebe) Adeoye host of Talenttalks Africa Radio and Roy Gluckman, founder and CEO of Cohesion Collective, ask and try to answer “is the world changing?” 

Are we “consumers” of change? What’s our role as people interested in inclusion as a practice in driving change, rather than assuming it is happening? They tackle these questions by exploring some organizational myths that prevent real discussion and opportunities for actually changing and becoming more inclusive.

Roy shares the Cohesion Collective Layer Cake model, a lens for understanding how we deal with, or not deal with fostering and driving greater compassion and understanding among people. They both explore the three layers to this “cake” and end with this question as a call to action: how do we begin/continue to create relationships of trust with our colleagues and fellow human beings?


Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • The “Changing World”: Fourth Industrial Revolution, Disruption and Millennials.. What is REALLY changing? – 02:22

  • Future Work Skills 2020: social intelligence and cross-cultural competency ( – 5:40

  • Forces of “Change”: LGBTIQ marriage equality, #MeToo – 07:07

  • Pretoria High School for Girls Hair Policy Saga – 07:40

  • A society, school and organizations beyond zero for diverse identity people – 13:35

  • The myth of being “professional” – 16:07

  • Employees Fight, Flight or Freeze response in organizations  - 21:30

  • The Layer Cake – 24:00

  • Delegitimizing emotions and experiences – 30:17

  • Power and rank – 32:00

  • The South African foundation of mistrust – 38:10