Included Podcast: Episode 3 Truth and Privilege


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The Included Podcast has been designed as a tool to bring the practice of inclusion into the forefront of how we do business. 

In this episode Egbe (Bebe) Adeoye host of Talenttalks Africa Radio and Roy Gluckman, founder and CEO of Cohesion Collective, talk about letting go of the need to understand those who are different to us. That this quest to understand one another is really an academic quest to help make things that are different to us, more acceptable to us. Instead, Roy proposes we abandon our need to understand each other’s’ experiences and replace it with a deep sense of trust and automatic belief of the other and the experiences they share.

They discuss privilege and the misunderstandings of what privilege is and how this lies in contrast to the emotional work that those who do not fit traditional categories of privilege have to do to show up in the world. Roy positions that privilege is really about legitimacy: having your voice automatically legitimized within a space.

The call to action: One cannot let go of your privilege, but one can repurpose your privilege and use it to create more space for those whose voices are not automatically legitimized, given our history.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Pulling the Race Card – 08:50

  • The Subjectivity of “Truth” – 12:50

  • Whose truth is more important? – 14:05

  • The Concept of Both/And – 16:35

  • White Privilege, again – 19:50

  • Analogy of what privilege is – 20:44

  • Black people having to work harder that white people – 22:50

  • The misconception of what privilege ACTUALLY is – 27:00

  • Privilege Plug points and intersectionality – 28:35

  • Repurposing Privilege – 35:10

  • Unwilling vs Unsure – 38:50