Included Podcast: Episode 4 The House that Jack Built


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The Included Podcast has been designed as a tool to bring the practice of inclusion into the forefront of how we do business. 

In this episode, Egbe Adeoye a Partner at Talenttalks Africa and host of #TTARadio continues her conversation with Roy Gluckman, the founder and CEO of Cohesion Collective (CoCo) on Inclusion within organizational spaces. As Roy breakdown the components of the CoCo “DIE pie”; Egbe and Roy talk about the multiple dimensions of Diversity, Inclusion and Equality and its links to micro-culturalism.

The topic of Insiders and Outsiders, and how we are all often both “in and out of what is valued” at the same time, in different contexts, is also discussed. Using the metaphor of organizations as houses, both explore how comfort, which CoCo defines as inclusion, is fundamental to productivity.

How is comfort (Inclusion) affected by what happens socially, both internally i.e., within the house, and externally in the broader cultural context? Listen as they explore how the foundations of organizational houses often manifest in the South African context. Workplace productivity, or the lack thereof, is also explored against the three fundamental pillars of the organizational house: talent, leadership and culture (TLC).

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • The Diversity, Inclusion and Equality Pie (05:28)

  • Race and the levels of DIE (07:45)

  • Micro-culturalism (10:00)

  • Organisations as houses (12:20)

  • TLC: Talent, Leadership and Culture

  • Comfort in the workspace (27:07)

  • Organisation value gap (30:50)

  • Meritocracy (36:04)