Included Podcast: Episode 5 Making the Circle Bigger


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The Included Podcast has been designed as a tool to bring the practice of inclusion into the forefront of how we do business. 

In this episode, Egbe Adeoye a Partner at Talenttalks Africa and host of #TTARadio continues her conversation with Roy Gluckman, the founder of Cohesion Collective (CoCo) on Inclusion within organizational spaces.

In this episode we unpack the organization as a house. Maybe “we’ve been doing it”, but are we clear what we have been doing and for whom? Inclusion is practical and action based. It doesn’t end with our intentions, noble as they may be. It is also about impactful, self-reflexive practices to interrogate how much of our comfort we are willing to give up so that others can contribute stronger.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Org Value gap - 2:15

  • Call to action be awake, conscious, intentional. Repurpose - 4:35

  • .Org as a House (talent) - 6:15

  • ‘Black’ or “Black, Black” - 8:00

  • Are we ready for the talent? - 9:15

  • Graduates and preparedness for inclusion in the workplace - 10:20

  • Women of childbearing age - 11:48

  • Org change is both Behavior and Structural - 13:30

  • Young talent’s needs have changed - 20:20

  • The economic impact of exclusion - 23:51

  • Systemic privilege - 24:19

  • Representative Role modeling - 34:10