We boast a diverse client base of organisations in the corporate and education sectors.

Our work and expertise cut across industries and borders allowing us to speak to our client organisations as individuals within varying and changing contexts.



Cohesion Collective’s Diversity, Inclusion and Equality models/program are/is impactful, relevant and thought provoking. If you want a training session that changes mindsets and culture barriers then choose Cohesion Collective. It will be the best thing you can do for your business to ensure organisational effectiveness.
— True North Partners - Transformation Manager
The best training on transformation and diversity i have experienced. Touches nerves, but in a sensitive, understanding way. Talks about the elephant in the room and unpacks it from all sides
— St Peters College - Teacher
Definitely took me out of my comfort zone, but opened my eyes to a different way of thinking in the topics that were covered. Roy and Dom are excellent facilitators, and the way they use their life experiences to get their points across is extremely effective.
The seminar was FANTASTIC and the two presenters was simply AMAZING!
— Werksmans Attorneys
For the first time, in a long time, I listened again. CoCo brought the topic that has become a whine in the background for me, valid again and of value and down to a level that I can understand and relate to. He gave real examples to think about and consider.
Roy and Dom are both exceptional presenters, knowledgeable, energetic, engaging and slightly controversial at times , letting you really think about matters in a different way. I would highly recommend them.
— Janine van Zyl, SpesNet, HR Director