Inclusion Suggestion Box

100% Anonymous | 100% Independent

The Issue:

Iress wants to hear from you. You want to speak to Iress, but raising issues, concerns, or challenges around Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is scary!

The Solution:

The Cohesion Collective Inclusion Suggestion Box. This Box is 100% Anonymous and 100% Independent. We dont need your name, email address or department. We have, however, made it optional to include your race and gender. Why? It is important for us to see which groups face which issues. This allows us to better understand the insights and assist Iress in addressing concerns.

The Process:

As mentioned above, this Suggestion Box is 100% Anonymous and 100% Independent! As suggestions come in, we put them together in a monthly report that we provide to Iress. In this report, there are no names, departments or any identifiable criteria. We only include the comments from which our team of professionals then draw major themes and insights. These suggestions then allow us to assist Iress in designing solutions for your challenges.

inclusion suggestion box

What could Iress do to make your experience of work more inclusive!