As a trusted partner to our clients on their journey to a more inclusive working environment, we provide strategic direction, guidance and implementation of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and embedding practices.


our process


Identify Challenges

Assist clients in identifying their challenges and barriers to inclusion


Understand Gaps

Use these insights to diagnose the issues and clearly articulate what the challenges to inclusion are.


Develop Actions

Co-create actionable measures and solutions with clients to help solve their inclusion challenges


empower clients

Partner with our clients on their journey to a more inclusive working environment


our services


Inclusion assessment

Our Inclusion Assessment is the first step to identifying inclusion challenges within your business whilst also determining your baseline inclusion score.

Services Include:

- Inclusion Survey

- Focus Groups & Interviews

- Culture Audit

- Policy and Process Benchmarking

- Talent Data Analysis

- Company Data Analysis


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We provide a wide range of training modules. Each highly engaging, impactful and expertly facilitated. Blending academics, dialogue and process work, we continually update our modules to ensure that we achieve your training objectives

Services Include:

- Diversity Training (All Types)

- Unconscious Bias Training

- HR Inclusion Upskilling

- Inclusive Leadership Programme

- Diversity Induction Programme

- People Management Programme

- Employment Equity Training


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Partnering with our clients on their road to an inclusive working environment is essential. As such, we provide strategic solutions for our clients, as well as assistance in the implementation and measurement of impact.

Services Include:

- Talent Strategy Development

- Policy and Process (Re)Draft

- EDI Strategy and Communication

- Facilitation, Mediation & PR Relations

- Employment Equity Plans

- Culture Change