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Cohesion Collective, or CoCo, is a specialised Equality, Diversity and Inclusion consulting, implementation and training firm.

We provide strategic consulting, research and training on all matters relating to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion ("EDI") and Organisational Culture for corporates, educational institutions and other organisations. Our passion is change and transformation as it relates to the individual, the organisation and society.

At CoCo, we pride ourselves on being at the cutting-edge of EDI theory, research, ideology and current affairs. We make it our business to stay in touch with global EDI trends and constantly seek to expand our influence and networks to build a thriving EDI community allowing us to provide impactful and measurable changes and support for our clients.



At Cohesion Collective, we believe that the health of an organisation, its productivity, its appetite for innovation, its potential growth and sustainability is directly linked to its commitment to, and embedding of, an integrated EDI strategy.

As such, CoCo provides the following services:


EDI Assessment & Audit

Understanding the challenges an organisation faces is critical to the design of a impactful EDI campaign. As such, CoCo  provides a comprehensive EDI assessment/audit of your organisation.


edi campaigns

A robust and tailored EDI campaign is essential when looking for positive impact. CoCo offers design and drafting of a comprehensive and integrated EDI strategy, campaign and communication strategy


edi training

Our EDI training modules are HIGHLY engaging and expertly facilitated by our passionate team. A mixture of academics, dialoguing and process work, we continually update our modules to ensure that we achieve our objectives: meaningful engagement of people through critical self-reflection.


policy & process Review

To support our client's EDI strategy, we offer policy and process reviews which aim at ensuring that all our client’s policies and processes are aligned to the EDI strategy and international EDI best practice.


EDI measurement

Measurement of EDI initiatives is imperative when considering the return on investment. As such, we offer comprehensive pre and post EDI measurement, using integrated and innovative quantitative and qualitative indices.


PR management

We provide PR support around public EDI matters that affect our clients. We advise on strategies to mitigate public EDI fallouts once they have happened and in prevention thereof. 


OUR clients

We boast a diverse client base of organisations in the corporate, education and government sectors.

Our work and expertise cut across industries and borders allowing us to speak to our client organisations as individuals within varying and changing contexts.



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Thought-provoking, essential, something everyone worldwide should be considering
— St Stithians Girls
CoCo facilitators are passionate and dynamic and feel deeply about this subject matter, namely EDI and the value of diversity for our future. I would recommend CoCo unconditionally as I feel that his message should be heard far and wide.
— Ilka Dunne, RMB
It was an eye opener programme. I wish we could have many more programmes. Thank you.
— Norton Rose Fulbright